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Natalie Zoe Kerr

BEnvSc, PhD

Postdoctoral researcher
Duke University

Ecological Models and Data (Instructor for recitation), Spring 2019

I was the recitationinstructor for BIO133 Ecological Models and Data course at Tufts University. I taught students how to use program R and RMardown to run the statistical and ecological models learned in lecture.

Biostatistics (Instructor for recitation), Fall 2017

I redesigned and taught the recitation section for the BIO132 Biostatistics course at Tufts University with another graduate student, Eric Scott. In previous years, the recitation had been taught using SAS. In 2017, we restructured the recitation together to teach the students how to implement concepts learned in program R.

Population and Community Ecology (Guest lecturer), Fall 2017-2018

I was a guest lecturer for BIO142 Population and Community Ecology. I gave a lecture an introduction to the field of demography: the reasons for studying populations, the different approaches used for studying populations (e.g. subsampling and mark-recapture techniques) and their challenges, and the various models used to estimate population growth rates (e.g. discrete population equations, matrix models).

Food for All: Ecology, Biotechnology and Sustainability (Guest lecturer), Summer 2016-2017

I was a guest lecturer for BIO185 Food for All: Ecology, Biotechnology and Sustainability. I designed an hour long activity focused around students observing the different types of pollinators, the plants they interact with, and how their behavior changes with interactions with other pollinators and insects in a garden setting. Then, I gave an hour long lecture on pollination in agricultural systems: the type of pollinators, the importance of different pollinators and their contribution to agriculture, and the consequences of modern practices on pollinator health and decline. I also assigned three recent papers relating to sustainability and crop pollinators for the class as part of their group discussion. In 2017, I co-lectured the course with another graduate student, Nick Dorian.

Organisms and Populations (Laboratory instructor), Spring 2014, 2015, 2018

I was a laboratory instructor for BIO14 Organisms and Populations course at Tufts University. In these laboratory sessions, I taught students about high-level thinking, experimental design, analyzing and evaluating data, and scientific writing. The laboratory sections were focused around guiding students to design their own experiments relating to the evolution and adaptive significance of traits in three tractable model systems: bacteria, Escherichia coli; the sensitive plant, Mimosa pudica; and the bean beetle, Callosobruchus maculatus.

Cells and Organisms (Laboratory instructor), Fall 2014-2016

I was a laboratory instructor for BIO13 Cells and Organisms course at Tufts University. I ran my own laboratory section that assisted undergraduate students in implementing widely used methods in cell and molecular biology and genetics to answer questions that relate to the biological principles learned in lecture.